Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Friday of School

1. Well, 2.5 days of school, but it still counts! Both of my children are much happier with me and the rest of the world and when they are happy, my life feels easier. We went to the zoo yesterday (our pass expires in a few weeks and I wanted to make sure we got in at least one more good visit) and had a wonderful time. I even treated Alex to a face painting:

His tiger costume from Halloween two years ago is still in circulation and he will wear it to bed at least twice a week. Big fan of tigers, that boy of mine. Adorable, too.

2. Spent the week watching British television, again. First, I watched series one of New Tricks and while I was waiting for series two to arrive, I watched all six episodes of Ultraviolet. Even though it was made 12 years ago, it examined and discussed mortality and morality in a far more interesting and nuanced way than I've encountered since, well, Buffy. And, half of the time, Joss Whedon was playing it for laughs, while Ultraviolet is in no way comedic. Still, I challenge all other vampire fanatics to watch it (available for free on Hulu) because even though I am no fan of Twilight, True Blood or Vampire Diaries (they don't deserve links or italics!), somehow I doubt they consider the vampire question in such a well-measured fashion.

So, then, I was still waiting for the second series of New Tricks, so I watched the first two episodes of Luther. (Perhaps this year has just been an exploration of the work of Idris Elba: The Wire, The Losers, Ultraviolet, and now Luther.) Anyway, it's amazing, he's amazing; they even cast an Indian woman as his wife! How come American television doesn't give projects like this to black men?! Or, perhaps, this is why I watch so much British television. Oh, and BTW, Law & Order: UK series 3 started last night; go Freema! And the second series of New Tricks was excellent, so now I'm waiting on series 3. Dang. I still watch plenty of American television but most of it doesn't impress me like these shows. I think part of my problem is that I hate sitcoms (seriously HATE) and most of the best work in America is on sitcoms, or so says the reviewers. Bummer.

3. Since I was watching so much television this week, I did get some more stitching done. I should finish the next section in a couple more sessions. Progress.

4. And Marshall continues to make progress on the shed. We have decided our next home project will be taking apart the living room, reinforcing the floor and building in bookshelves, which will enable us to have more flexibility with the space. Did I say we? I meant my husband. I am a passable painter, but that's about all I'm good for.

5. Youth Group starts up tomorrow with a long Leaders' Meeting and then activities with the students start Sunday afternoon. I will be glad to get back into a regular rhythm with the girls I am mentoring.

6. Finally got Flags of Our Fathers from the library and so I should be able to watch it this weekend. I'm hoping it will help fill in the gaps that watching Letters from Iwo Jima left in my brain.

7. There's really nothing else going on around here. Perhaps it's the calm before the storm.

And here's Jen.

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