Friday, June 25, 2010

First Day of Summer Vacation!

1. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Miranda dressed herself this morning in her snow boots and coat. It's going to be at least 90 degrees this afternoon. Alex is also dressed for winter. I have yet to persuade either child, when I tell them to dress themselves, that the seasons have changed. Unless, of course, it's time to put their bathing suits on to go swim in the pool. On Wednesday, Alex was so tired from our day at the beach on Tuesday that he refused to swim. Poor Miranda was in her bathing suit for more than an hour, importuning him, with no result. (If I'm going to make the effort to get them ready for the pool and sit outside with them, it's got to be for both kids. Otherwise, it's just not worth it.)

2. I reread Dorothy L. Sayers' Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon this week. Perfect novels for sitting in the shade while the children swim. When I first read Gaudy Night as a senior in High School, I was convinced that my fondest dream--which, at that point, was to be a writer of fiction--was impossible and I should start looking for another career. While I was doing my undergraduate work, I intended to become a college professor. In fact, we first moved to New Jersey to give me a wider array of options for graduate school. Life, however, went in a different direction. But it's not over yet! Every time I think again about continuing my education, I remember that thing called "homework." Ewww. Maybe, someday, but not right now.

3. Alex is managing to stay dry at night almost every night. He seems to have an accident about once a week, which is amazing and we're really happy with his progress. He already earned a new flashlight for his first 10 days of dryness. He is now trying to go another 7 to earn a new book. He would actually go with me to the store and pick it out; that would be a new adventure. Since this morning he was wet, I decided it was a good enough time to wash everyone's sheets.

4. I leave for San Diego a week from tomorrow! We are still trying to figure out how to explain to the kids where I'm going since I've never been away from them more than 3 nights. My mother has suggested getting Skype video casting (or whatever it's called) so the kids can see me (or Grandma or Grandpa or whomever) when they talk to me. Marshall is presently working on it.

5. Not much stitching this week; I was too busy reading. I expect to be able to finish Page 4 before I leave, though, and plan to take it with me, though not on the plane. To difficult to manage without scissors.

6. Marshall did finish the repairs to the Super Beetle and spent last weekend in CT with his friend at the VW show. They had a marvelous time and came home tired but happy. My thanks to Ashley, Ben and Jen for helping me get through the weekend by playing with my kids when I went out or rested.

7. I am dreadfully behind on the grocery shopping. End of the school year parties and our beach adventure on Tuesday took up most of the week so I will need to spend the weekend taking stock of things so that I have all the crucial items purchased before I leave so Marshall isn't stuck running my errands while I'm away. Thankfully, Julia Koerwer has agreed to be here in the afternoons next week and the week after, so that I will have help getting ready and Marshall won't be overwhelmed with child care 24/7 for the entire week I'm gone.

And here's Jen.

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