Friday, August 5, 2011

12 Days & Counting

1. We've had a rather full week, which would explain why Marshall is home sick and I haven't seen my brain in a few days.

So, Friday, right after we finished dinner, this scary storm came through our neighborhood, and I mean scary! I looked at the tree outside our bedroom window and I would have sworn it was the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter. It didn't last long but it did considerable damage.

This branch was lying on our driveway, behind the cars, after the storm had stopped. Which was odd because the cars were parked under the tree. It felt like an angel directed the branch to fall where it wouldn't do any damage.

But even more fun than falling branches, the storm knocked out the power for almost 24 hours. The children, power-dependent creatures that they are, were not amused.

We tried pancakes from McDonald's for breakfast, which they refused. And by early afternoon, they were both overheated and grumpy, that we begged Marshall's mother to come crash at her house for dinner so we could recharge the laptops and cell phone batteries and feed the children, since we couldn't figure out what to feed them that didn't require electricity. So they bounced their way around Mimi and Pop-Pop's house for 2 hours until I couldn't bear it anymore and I dragged them home again, to find that the power was back on, earlier than expected. Bless those hard working electricians at PSE&G!

We didn't lose any groceries, thankfully, because our clever neighbor across the street recommended we make a trip to the ice shop for some dry ice to slip into the fridge and deep freezer to keep everything cool, which was very effective.

It was certainly an adventure, one I would prefer to avoid next time around. Yes, I have high-maintenance children. But I knew that.

2. On the bed bug front, we have managed to eradicate them from Miranda's room, but we did so by throwing out her entire bed (keeping the plastic-enclosed mattress) and getting a new one. This is not what I want to do in my room or Alex's, where we are still being annoyed by them. Nevertheless, here's her new "princess" bed:

3. What with all the excitement last weekend (we spent Sunday afternoon swimming and visiting with good friends at their home), the lawns didn't get mowed until Wednesday. Now, what with one thing and another, we hadn't mowed in weeks and weeks, not since my mother did it when she was here in early July. So, while I was able to get the front all done, in the back, I only made a few inroads into the jungle:

Yes, life is rather full.

4. On a happy note, the end of White Lilies on Red gets closer and closer:

I expect to finish it, just in time for...

5. Our trip to San Diego on Aug. 17. My excitement outweighs my terror but the multitude of details to be sussed out before we go is starting to bug me, like counting up everyone's medication or packing Alex's special pancake mix, etc. Or deciding if I'm going to try to write postcards to my HS students while I'm away, or give myself a break. Speaking (writing) of which, my mother cleaned out her massive postcard collection and sent me a huge pile to send to all my Youth Ministry friends, from places like London and Hawaii and everywhere in between, so I'm having a great time sending crazy postcards.

6. While stitching incessantly this week, I watched an excellent new series, Scott & Bailey. It even gripped Marshall's attention. We were thankful to discover it's been picked up again next year with 8 new episodes. And, I discovered that New Tricks had started begun its 8th series in early July, so I am enjoying this again. But the second series of Sherlock was supposed to air in October and has now been pushed off until next year. Dang.

7. My mother's book, Bathsheba's Lament, continues to earn praises and recognition from among a growing number of readers. There is a great review of it on the International Christian Fiction Writers' blog that you must read! There is another awesome review of Bathsheba's Lament on LeAnne Hardy's blog. Read it here. Remember, if you haven't already ordered a copy, you will find it available here, or, if you are a local fan, you can purchase my last remaining copy of the book.

If you've read the book and enjoyed it, won't you please consider writing a review on Amazon for her? Click here.

And here's Jen. And you should really read Simcha today, as well.


linda said...

I've been following your takes for a while and it's so exciting to see you almost finishing that beautiful project.

Been to San Diego about 5 times in one year when I used to work at a job that required travel. Tell me you're going to see the pandas. :)

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, we will be seeing the pandas; I have promised Miranda she will see a real panda. Actually, since my aunt and grandmother have been in San Diego since I was a child, we've made frequent trips there and had many a family gathering celebrated in my aunt and uncle's house. It just got more complicated to travel there after Miranda's arrival and Alex's diagnosis of autism, so we haven't been, as a family, since Alex was about 2 1/2 and I was 6 months pregnant with Miranda, and that was a quick trip for my brother's wedding.

Lindse94 said...

I love when our lives reflect each other, like the jungle back yard. Once we finally cut ours, it made playing so much better!

jen said...

you can also now do interesting experiments with dry ice. :)