Friday, May 28, 2010

Yet Another Bleary Friday

1. Miranda's been up before the sun 3 mornings this week and I was so frustrated with her at 4:15 this morning that I refused to let her get up and stayed in her bed until she fell back asleep, after 5. So I've been making up for my lack of night-time sleep with a series of naps that have just left me feeling vague. And my to do list is seriously suffering. Pesky girl.

2. We had our back-to-back IEP meetings Wednesday morning and they went really well. Miranda will be staying in the same program with the same teacher next year, where she has really flourished. So much so, she didn't qualify for summer school. Alex will have summer school in the building (Larchmont School) where he will start in a self-contained autistic class in the fall and, as appropriate, spend time in a mainstream 1st grade class. Academically, he's right on schedule, but his behaviors are keeping him back, which we did know and experience daily. It will be sad for me to have him leave Springville Elem, which has been such an awesome place for him, but I will still be in the building for Miranda. Of course, that means, in the fall, 2 buses, 2 buildings, 2 schedules. I think Alex will like having his own bus again, though. No more annoying little sister bugging him on the morning bus.

3. I was planning to sneak off after bedtime tonight to go see Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by myself (rated as it is to be cinematic cotton candy, Marshall doesn't care to view it) but since I spent the morning sleeping instead of running errands, we'll have to see.

4, Marshall continues to work on his Super Beetle, but lots of unexpected problems have cropped up, so he might not make his deadline of tomorrow night to finish everything so he can take it the Manassas, VA, show on Sunday. :(

5. My irises are done, as of yesterday, but my beautiful pink calla lilies are just about to open. And I have red Asiatic lilies that are new this year that are gorgeous. And my butterfly bushes have recovered from the bad winter storms remarkably well and should have blooms in a week or two. I love my flowers!

6. I finally got back to stitching last night. I had strained my right arm last Friday and hadn't been able to stitch until yesterday. It still hurts, but it's much better. I'm sure it would have healed more quickly if I'd limited my activities more.

7. My cleaning lady called Monday night to say she had time for me Tuesday so that house was clean, for a few minutes, on Tuesday. Actually, everything but the living room still looks fine. That's why we call it the living room: we spend almost all of our time in here.

And here's Jen.

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