Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally Friday!

1. After fighting the zombie-like allergy feeling from taking my prescription allergy medicine for more than a week, I left it out of my morning regimen for 3 days, starting Tuesday. I was good until this morning, when I started coughing again. I substituted Sudafed today, but if that doesn't work, I'll have to be re-zombie-fied tomorrow.

2. My sister-in-law kindly followed me to the body shop on Tuesday to drop off our xB for repairs following its encounter with the flying tire tread last week. Marshall dropped me off there this morning to pick it up and it looks as good as new and it drives just fine. They even vacuumed. I like this shop, I just don't want to be there next spring as well.

3. Summer Movie Planning Update: here's the list I made in March, with some additions and comments.
March 12
Green Zone (never managed to see it-we were too sick to go out when my folks were visiting for Easter; waiting for video)
April 2
Clash of the Titans (poor reviews; may see it on video)
April 23
The Losers (saw it by myself and really liked it)
May 7
Iron Man 2 (loved it!)
May 14
Robin Hood (it has received poor reviews so we do not plan to see it)

Here's my up and coming list of movies to plan for:
June 11
The A-Team
June 18
Toy Story 3
July 16
November 19
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) (trailer should be out soon)
December 10
The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
December 17
Tron: Legacy

I've looked through the list of coming attractions several times and haven't found anything else worthy of enlisting a babysitter for beyond these 6 movies.

4. Watched Terminator Salvation this week and don't quite know what to make of it. I wasn't crazy about the third movie but it was better for having Arnold in it. I'm also a fan of both Bale and Worthington and still don't know if I liked the movie or not. Hmmm.

5. I spent most mornings this week sleeping after putting the kids on the bus because Miranda's wake up time has been before sunrise almost every day this week. (It was 5:30 this morning, a slight improvement.) But the house is definitely the worse for my missing all those hours of work time. I would manage to clean up one room only for the children to have moved on to the next and trashed it. And nearly every time I've asked Miranda to help me pick up her mess, she's refused. When I tell her she needs to help or go to her room, she throws herself on the floor, so she ends up being carried to her room in tears. Pesky girl.

6. Alex slept with a drink box, somehow, and so woke up soaked and smelling like fruit punch. So all of his bedding had to be stripped and washed this morning. I'm sure it was time to do that anyway.

7. Costco had Oreck vacuum cleaners on sale this week so I have finally upgraded our household to a real vacuum cleaner (as opposed to the cheap, knock-off one we've had for 8 years that my cleaning lady took one look at and went back out to her truck to get her own). We kept saying we didn't need a new vacuum cleaner 'cause we were going to pull out most of the carpets but that hasn't happened as our energies were redirected into other remodeling efforts (like our bedroom, 18 months ago or the current rebuild of the engine on Marshall's 1972 Super Beetle) and I'd had enough. So, happy Mother's Day to me. :)

And here's Jen.

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