Friday, May 7, 2010

Clean Friday

As in, the house was cleaned yesterday, which always clears the decks for me for whatever comes next, which is:

1. Finally got my hair cut! I discovered recently that the salon around the corner I've been going to since right after Alex was born (he's now 6.5, remember) went out of business so my friend Robin who is a professional hair dresser was gracious enough to come to my house this morning and give me a great hair cut! I will look fabulous for Mother's Day.

2. A flying truck tire tread hit me on my way to MOPS on Tuesday morning (down 295 South at about 9 am) and did a significant amount of damage to the front of my car. After my haircut this morning, I went to the Allstate claims office for an evaluation and write up and this afternoon, after cheering Miranda with an hour of play at the local Chick Fil' A, took the write up to the shop we like and they can take it starting Tuesday. Dang.

3. I'm going out to breakfast with Marshall's mom and sister tomorrow morning to celebrate Mother's Day, just the 3 of us. Then we hope to go and walk around Maple Shade's Farmer's Market, if it's not pouring down rain, which is what is forecast.

4. Tomorrow night the great and wonderful Ashley the babysitter is coming to watch the kids so we can go out and see Iron Man 2. Woohoo!

5. For Mother's Day this year, in lieu of a gift, I've asked Marshall to help or otherwise complete a list of tasks around the house, like helping me move the sofas to see if Alex's missing Leapster cartridges are underneath, or shampooing the carpet in the living room, etc. Acts of service is definitely my love language.

6. My irises are in full bloom! Several of the stalks were so heavily with flowers they fell over and I had to cut them and put them on my dining room table. Darn.

7. Miranda got two huge bags of hand-me-downs from friends this week so I'm going to be spending the weekend sorting through clothes. Free clothes are always wonderful!

And here's Jen.


Young Mom said...

Hand-me-down clothes are awesome! And so is getting a babysitter, something I wish we could do every week. :)Even better would be a babysitter who would take my kids out for the day and leave me and my hubby at home together, does anyone offer services like that?

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

I don't think so. Even my mother, who allows me to leave the children with her for several days, can't do that. But then, my children are still young and very high-maintenance. So I suppose there's hope for the future.