Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Avenger Day!

1. As promised from last week, here are some pictures of my irises in bloom.

2. These are really going to be quick takes today because I have lots to do to be ready to go out and enjoy an evening with my husband. Dinner and a movie together, leaving the children with a real babysitter. It's going to be awesome.

3. I am starting to get a little caught up on my movies. I went to see Safe on Sunday night after Youth Group and tonight is The Avengers. I will post a movie update next week.

4. While surfing around this week, I found the list of 100 Best Books of the Century and realized, to my shame, how very few I'd actually read. So, off to my library and I've started with Raymond Chandler. I started with The Big Sleep and am now working my way through his short stories, 500 pages since Wednesday. I am embarrassed to have lived this long without reading his work. The Big Sleep is really as good as they say it is; go read it.

5. I finally realized this week that I'm in the midst of a depressive episode and started feeling better almost immediately. As long as I understand why I'm feeling so lethargic, and I know from past experience that it only lasts for a couple of weeks, I can cope with it much more easily.

6. My parents return from Madison tomorrow and we will be very glad to have them around for the next month without any other travel plans.

7. I told you it would be short. Enjoy flowers.

Bonus 8. My dear friend, Kimberlee Conway Ireton, added a new post to her Stop Slavery Series. Read. Pray. Leave a Comment. Help us change the world for one child at a time.

And here's Jen.


The Jammie Girl said...

I love irises, and all your varieties are beautiful - thank for sharing your pictures!!

Sybil said...

The photos are beautiful! Added you to my blog reading list today...I think I might be getting this blog thing figured out! Enjoy your date night!!

Sybil said...

It's such a privilege to read about your journey. I have nominated you for an award on my blog.

Kimberlee Conway Ireton said...

Sarah, The irises are gorgeous! How fun to have them in your yard!

And thanks for sending folks over to my blog. I love the way you put it: "Read. Pray. Leave a Comment. Help us change the world for one child at a time." Yes. Exactly. Thank you, friend, for helping to get the word out.