Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunny & Bleary

1. In order to celebrate my planned trip to Longwood Gardens with my mother-in-law tomorrow (we are watching the forecasted rain very closely but we should miss everything but a few sprinkles), I am sharing 7 pictures from last year's trip.

2. It was a very busy week, with hardly a moment to rest in between rushing off to the next thing. I realized last Saturday that all of Miranda's re-evaluation paperwork/Kindergarten Roundup stuff was overdue and so I spent most of that day working my way through the significant pile of paper. Then, Tuesday morning I dragged Miranda off to the pediatrician for a well-visit so our doctor could fill out her portion of the paperwork. The Mount Laurel School District has always been good to us, but the paperwork required for two classified kids is often overwhelming.

3. This week I started watching the Ken Burns documentary on World War II, called simply, The War. I've made it through episode 4, which ends soon after D-Day. I still have the last 3 episodes of Band of Brothers to watch and then I plan to watch The Pacific. But I wanted to have a better understanding of the course of the war as a whole and Burns and his team provide this. And it was available for check-out at my local library.

4. I am a hundred pages into Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, which, I have to say, starts off with a bang and doesn't really let up. But I've been tired enough at night to be able to put it down.

5. I did get a good start on my Easter cards, most of which will go into the mail on Monday, but I really need to buckle down and finish them up today. Of course, part of the reason my days have been so busy is because I'm taking tomorrow off to visit Longwood. And when my husband is gracious enough to let me off for the day, I don't want to leave him in a messy house with no food in the fridge.

6. I should have a brand-new nephew today, some way or another. My brother, Jonathan, and his wife plan to welcome their son into the world today. Since there have been a few complications, it will be an organized affair, so please be praying for them.

7. Physical Therapy continues, although with Spring Break starting on Friday for the kids, I will probably only be able to get there once a week for the next few weeks. I am healing, I can measure the progress, but it is slow.

I think that's all. Back to my Easter cards.

And here's Jen.

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