Friday, March 23, 2012

From the Land of Phineas & Ferb - UPDATED

1. Every time I close my eyes, this is all I hear:

We did want to move on from preschool shows (good-bye Max & Ruby and Pocoyo) to other that require our kids to follow more complex plot lines. But it would be nice for Alex and Miranda to become fond of something instead of acquiring a new obsession. Ah, well. I enjoy the show as well.

2. So I'm almost all caught up on Justified. But I made the mistake of reading Raylan last week (thanks to my local library) which uses a lot of the same characters and plot lines, but mixes them up, much to my confusion. I like the novel and I love the show but to experience them in the same week is not recommended.

Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins are fascinating and with supporting players like Nick Searcy, Mykelti Williamson, and Neal McDonough, you keep watching, regardless of the body count or casual cruelty. It's amazing, but painful to watch.

3. Not interested in seeing The Hunger Games this weekend; hated the book. Sometimes, I'm just not like everyone else. I'd love to go to the movies this weekend, but I'm sure I will be too tired. I'd be happy to see 21 Jump Street or Safe House or even John Carter again. And Wrath of the Titans and Mirror, Mirror open next week. Speaking of John Carter, read this article of defense. Then go out and see the movie!

4. I finished Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague this week and am looking forward to picking up Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary from this library this afternoon. Did I mention how much I love the Mount Laurel Public Library?

5. Physical Therapy is dragging on and on. I was ready to be done weeks ago. I would rather be out gardening or exercising or something than going to my appointments. Pray that I will graduate soon.

6. Miranda had a much better week this week, and was a complete angel for the school psychologist who came to observe her two afternoons this week. Figures. Not last week, when Miranda wasn't allowed to sit at the table for snack time with her classmates because her teacher was afraid Miranda would injure someone else (she is taller and stronger than anyone else in the class, barring the adults, of course). No, this week, when everything is hunky dory. Dang.

7. A new version of Angry Birds released this week. Marshall has learned, to his distress, that it won't run on the old iPhone Alex uses as a gaming platform. I'm my darling husband will be spending time this evening outfitting an old laptop for Alex to use instead. The things we do to keep Alex happy, at least, for a few hours. Of course, being a clever boy, he knows how to erase the game, reinstall it and beat the levels all over again. That's my boy!

Bonus 8. Oops! I only just remembered my darling husband took me to the theatre on Wednesday night to see a local production of Jean Anouilh's Antigone, which was amazing! Go see it yourself, right here! And here's a review.

And here's Jen.

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