Friday, April 23, 2010

Since I only ever seem to update my blog on Fridays

I had better get to it.

1. The biggest event of the week was the 2.5 hours Miranda and I spent at the allergist's office Wednesday afternoon. The great thing was we learned about Miranda's allergy to coconut (which explains why store bought cookies always give her the worst stomach ache--almost always made with coconut oil!) but doing the scratch test with a 40 lb, incredibly strong 3.5 year old who doesn't understand why you won't stop the nurse from poking her back (15 times) is emotionally and physically wearing. Poor woozle. She seems to have forgiven me, though.

2. I also met with Alex's teacher and case worker this week (Wednesday morning--it was a busy day) and we all agreed the new medication isn't working and we need to try something else. He is too emotionally fragile and falls apart for the strangest reasons at unpredictable times. So, Alex and I are off to see Dr. Jay later this afternoon to ask for a new script for a new drug. Like I've said before, experimenting on your children with psychoactive drugs is such a fun process!

3. Big thanks to Mimi the Great for hanging with Alex on Wednesday when Miranda and I were with Dr. Lania and she'll be with Miranda this afternoon when Alex and I go see Dr. Jay. It makes my life a lot easier to only be dealing with one child at a time.

4. I made some serious progress on my cross stitch this week. Should be able to have page 2 finished up in 2 or 3 more sessions.

5. Today is going to be a busy day but if I get everything done, I'm going to the movies tonight to see The Losers all by myself. Marshall said I deserve some respite. Woo-hoo!

6. I went to Kohl's last night to use up some coupons that were expiring and found Miranda some cotton summer pajamas (which are a lot harder to find than you might think) with optional tutus. I think she's going to love them. I'm still bummed, though, that the ones with fairy wings were polyester.

7. We're going out to eat with Mark & Vicky tomorrow night and Ashley is coming to watch the kids and put them to bed. So it should be a nice and relaxing weekend with lots of breaks from the kids.

And here's Jen.

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