Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Bleary Friday

1. Miranda seems to have forgotten how to sleep through the night, so, even though Marshall was gracious enough to get up with her at 2 am when her pullup leaked, I still feel like I haven't slept enough. I did not, however, go back to sleep after the bus came, but attacked my errand list with a vengeance.

2. Videos: Watched The Proposal last week with my mother and was so utterly charmed by it I decided to find director Anne Fletcher's movie from last year, 27 Dresses, which I watched last night and it was almost as good.

3. Stitching: Finally making good progress again on White Lilies on Red and if I keep this up, I'll finish page 2 in the next week. Had to do some frogging last week which threw me off for days.

4. Books: Three weeks ago, right before my father came, I read Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin and I couldn't put it down! I read all 400 pages in one day, in between playing with the children and putting them to bed, etc. I'd heard about it when Mark Halperin was on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me in January and it sounded fascinating and it absolutely was! I highly recommend it, regardless of your political preference. To quote my favorite episode of Farscape ("Revenging Angel"): "I don't get out much, so I read." I'm also rereading the Percy Jackson series by Mark Riordan. So much fun!

5. Having fun being on Facebook, but looking back at High School is a little creepy. It's been 17 years and I have forgotten so many people! I keep getting friend requests from people I honestly do no remember. Very sad. I miss my brain.

6. I do enjoy my Facebook encounters with the HS students and other people from Hope, which was the whole point of signing up for it in the first place.

7. My mother left on Tuesday and flew to California to see all the family there. My mother and my sister-in-law are giving a family bridal shower for my brother Brandon's fiancee Piper tomorrow at my aunt's house and I am sad to be missing the party.

Bonus: 8. Had to put off the trip to Longwood Gardens AGAIN! Not a volcano eruption, just a thunderstorm. And all the wisteria is presently in bloom. So disappointed. :(

And here's Jen.

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