Friday, February 7, 2014

Did I Even Leave the House this Week?

1. Sunday morning my honey and I woke to Alex coming into our bathroom and vomiting on the floor. Then he announced he'd just thrown up in the living room as well (why can't they ever miss the carpet? Most of the house now has laminate or tile or linoleum?). And the week went pretty much downhill from there. Alex was sick with a nausea-dizzy virus from Sunday - Tuesday. My mother had it Monday - Tuesday and I had it Wednesday - Friday.

My schedule for the week was full last Sunday and now it's just a pile of broken appointments or meetings missed. I even missed the big Youth Group party on Sunday. If I was contagious, I didn't want to give it to anyone else. And there's something about vomit that makes you want to wash everything in sight.

What's funny is the night I was dizziest was when I sat down to finish Game Change: Double Down 2012. It seemed an appropriate mood to read about American politics. Good book; scary system. It did give me significant insights into NJ governor Chris Christie. I'm hoping the current scandal permanently scuttles his presidential ambitions. He's an effective governor and I'd rather he stay and continue to be so than go wandering around Iowa and New Hampshire. He's charismatic to be sure but too volatile for the international stage. Although putting he and Putin together would be fun to watch.

2. If you missed the news (ha!), there was a large snowfall here on Monday which meant no school Monday and delayed opening on Tuesday. Then there was that ice storm on Wednesday, so we had another delayed opening. Then today was a scheduled half-day for teacher in-service. I'm amazed teachers got anything done this week.

3. I realized this week that, once again, I treat Alex's teacher as one of my closest friends, communicating with her almost daily, sharing pictures and anecdotes all through the week. The only people I text more are Marshall and my mother. What does this mean, other than Alex is a high-maintenance kid? I'm not sure.

4. I've done a bit of stitching lately. Here's the most recent progress picture:

I shouldn't have been surprised by my need to unwind my second skein of DMC 355 Terra Cotta - Dark since it is the primary color of all 4 patterns. You can see all of them here. I was surprised to find that the publisher has discontinued the iris and tulip patterns. Yet another reasons to buy ahead of you're actual stitching schedule, a process known by other stitchers as a "stash enhancement experience" or "sex."

5. Simcha has an absolutely hilarious post this week about dogs. Go read it! Of course, she reminds me of all the reasons I haven't insisted we get a dog this year. Maybe if I can keep borrowing Truman or Pepper, it will be enough to give me my doggie fix.

6. The Winter Olympics started last night and I am suddenly a fan of slopestyle. Go figure. The only problem is that our DVR has lost it's ability to tune any channel for longer than about 2 hours and when it fails, it necessitates a reboot of the server, the channel tuner and the display box. Hopefully, a new tuner, arriving tomorrow from Amazon, will fix everything. I know, there is never a good time for a DVR to fail but right before the Olympics? My honey is not happy with the timing. At least there isn't any tennis until March.

7. It actually felt warm today, The sun was out and everything. Then I looked at the thermometer: 33 degrees. Scary.

Here's Jen.

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