Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mean Mommy vs. Smart Girl

I made 4 pans of brownies this morning for the MOPS bake sale on Saturday at the Hope Craft Fair. I made the mistake of taking the boxes out of the pantry before Miranda got on the bus to go to school. She pushed her chair over the counter, picked up a box and said "Chocolate Cake!" I told her no, she had to go to school. Which she did do rather cheerfully. So I then rushed around making brownies and realized the last two wouldn't be cool enough to put their lids on before she got home at noon. So I put them still on their cooling rack on the front seat of my car. But Miranda is a smart girl and the whole house smells like brownies, even if there is no visible trace of them. So, after checking around for "chocolate cake," Smart Girl asked for chocolate pudding and, after she ate some lunch, I was happy to oblige her.

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